Kitten Appeal

Help to cover the cost of our kitten's vet bills

At Woodlands Animal Sanctuary one of our objectives is to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, ill-treated, abandoned or neglected animals. As part of this we take in a lot of cats a year the majority of which come into the sanctuary during kitten season.

At the beginning of July we received an influx of kittens, some found down a well, and some found in a bush in Liverpool, some from gardens and then the normal unwanted litters from the public. Two of the litters in particular were extremely poorly and incurred additional and unexpected veterinary bills alongside the additional costs associated with feeding unwell kittens.

Unfortunately we have now lost five kittens, due to a viral infection called Panleukopenia (A virus restricted to unvaccinated cats). As a result we have now had to undertake necessary quarantine and decontamination procedures to protect the remaining kittens. This has unfortunately again resulted in additional costs (more information on which can be found below)

It is due to these extra costs that we are asking for your support. As a non-profit charity, every single donation, no matter how small will go directly to helping us rehabilitate all animals that come through our doors and in particular will go towards the additional veterinary, food and resource costs we are experiencing at this time. We are great full to all of our supporters, and welcome all donations regardless of size.


Procedures put in place at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

After consultation with Rufford Veterinary Group, we received test results which have identified the type of virus that we are dealing with which is enabling us to tailor our barrier nursing and procedures to be more effective in fighting this infection. Under strict guidelines we have implemented the following procedures, each incurring additional costs to the sanctuary:

  • Dedicated a small team of our staff to solely look after this quarantined area of the sanctuary
  • Implemented a strict decontamination regime including the use of specific products and disinfectants, known to kill the virus
  • Tailored hygiene and cleaning procedures accordingly
  • Disposed of all used cat bedding, toys, litter trays to reduce the risk of the virus remaining in the environment
  • Introduced the use of disposable bowls, beds and litter trays until further notice

How else can i help?

As all existing bedding, toys and litter trays have had to be discarded, we are now short of all these items. We would welcome donations of cat toys and scratchers as well as new litter trays also. We are feeding technical dry cat food and Feline fayre wet food and any donations of these foods we would be very grateful for.

We are very grateful to the following places who have agreed to be drop off points for us for any donated items. 

  • Pet’s at home in Southport
  • Yorkshire Building Society, 48a Fishergate, Preston
  • Barn Owl Produce, 19 Moor Street, Ormskirk
  • Co-op, Church Road, Banks

If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we will do our best to answer them.  But please do bear with us, because as you can imagine this is a very difficult and busy time for us.

As always we are extremely grateful for all your support so far and really hope that you will continue to support us in the future.

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