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We would like to thank everyone who attended our open day today, we hope you had a wonderful time!

You have helped us to raise £821.06 of much needed funds! We really appreciate your support today!

Our next event will be our Mini Open day for 26th June 2016, we hope yo see you there! :)

If you have any questions or commends about todays events or future events please give us a call on 01704 823293.


A big thank you to all the volunteers from Laing O'Rourke for helping by painting our fences and parts of our stable block. You did a brilliant job so thank you for picking our charity to donate your time to!


On Sunday we were delighted to receive a visit from some of the drivers from the Southport Arriva Bus Depot who have been collecting tins of cat food for us. The collection was the brainchild of Kathleen Molyneux and Derek Rigby who started off collecting tins of food for us as a one off , but the staff at the depot really got behind the idea and it has just snowballed since then. The tins delivered on Sunday took the total collected so far to a magnificent 1,000 tins !

This tinned cat food not only helps to feed the cats at the Sanctuary but also helps to feed the more than 100 hedgehogs currently on site that have been with us throughout the winter.

We are incredibly grateful to all the staff at Arriva and the other people who have contributed to the collection from time to time such as some of the Stagecoach drivers. But we are especially grateful to Kath and Derek who decided to organise the collection in the first place and who have encouraged their colleagues to continue to support the Sanctuary in this way. Thank you all so much xx

Our Annual Charity Ball will is on the 27th February this year and we would love you to attend!

It is a fabulous night with a great atmosphere, food and entertainment!

You can get your tickets from the Shelter or you can buy online here!

We really hope to see you there! Even if you cannot attend yourself you may have a friends or family that may be able to attend, let them know about this evening.

If you do have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us on
01704 823293.


Hedgehog numbers appear to be declining rapidly and therefore the support we give to Hedgehogs is becoming ever more important! We cannot continue to do it without your help!

Our Hedgehog Lodge can hold up to 82 Hedgehogs at any one time. However, caring for Hedgehogs is a massive drain on resources and time!

Your contribution of £5 per month will help us to continue to care for, overwinter, medicate and heat the Hedgehogs in our care. In return of your contribution you will receive a certificate, a photograph of your sponsored animal and an annual report.

Find out more by going to our Hedgehog Sponsorship Page.
Thank you for your continued support!! xx


Tomorrow at 8pm we will be featured on the ITV show Countrywise
This kind of publicity could help bring much needed awareness on Hedgehogs and what we do on a daily basis.
Tune in at 8pm, ITV Monday 26th October.

Thank you! :) x

Well we have been so ridiculously busy this last few weeks that no one has had time to update the page/group ! We have 25 kittens mostly nearly ready to go and as usual a lot of beautiful adults, so please don't be shy and spread the word. Included in them are cats/kittens that Alley cats and kittens were unable to accommodate so it's nice to be able to help and work together.

We are also taking up to 10 sick hedgehogs a day which is overwhelming our resources and very worrying as this should be the quiet time, at the moment we have 80 plus in care.

Today has also seen 4 unwanted guinea pigs arrive who will be ready for their new homes after a vet check. We were happy to accommodate 3 budgies last week that will be integrated in our large Avairy in the near future.

So ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, geese. ducks. chickens, small birds, rabbits and resident cats are all healthy and happy, more information to follow. 

If you can volunteer and help at all please give us a call


Abby a young female cat found herself abandoned in a shopping bag outside Rufford Veterinary Group heavily pregnant on Thursday 30th July. She is beautiful and very loving cat, still only really a kitten herself, Abby gave birth yesterday to 4 beautiful kittens and Mum and babies are doing very well. We are desperate for funding and emergencies like this are pushing us close to the edge. Please help if you can. The name Abby was derived from ABandoned kittY


Thank you to everyone who attended our Open Afternoon! We have raised £584!

We are so grateful for your support. We hope you all had a fab time meeting Birds of Prey and our Animals smile emoticon We hope to see you at our next big event, our Family Fun Day on the 9th September!

Thanks again everyone!!

Here is our tiny fox cub which was rescued from a garden in Southport by staff at Woodlands.

The cub was found by a couple who were concerned about his welfare, with mum was nowhere to be seen..

When he arrived he was very hungry, after a good feed, staff completed a 220 mile round trip to take him to a specialist rescue center in Cumbria.

“The centre staff think he is around four weeks old and they will now continue his rehabilitation until he is big enough to release back into the wild.”

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary was delighted when Ian from Birkdale came forward and said he would like to raise money for the shelter. Ian has done something for us that nobody has ever done before!!

A naked bike ride through Manchester!

Ian took part in the Manchester leg of the World Naked Bike Ride on 12 June to raise funds for the Woodlands Animal Sanctuary.

We would like to thank Ian for raising funds for the Sanctuary!

Here is another admission today, "Belle" she was dumped in a closed wheelie bin outside some flats and only saved because her terrified crying
was heard by a flat owner several storeys up who thank god was a decent human being.

After asking around the next morning several people recalled a man trying to give a kitten away as he was moving and must have decided to dump her in the bin with the rubbish on his way out !! She is safe now :)

Many thanks to all who attended our Reptile special open day, we raised £757.52! Huge thanks to North West Reptile Group for attending today!

The small animals really benifit from the lush summer grass


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